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Posted On 2014-09-02
Name dave and therase
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Comment Great concert in Canberra. Your sound was incredible. Keep rockin'. Look forward to seeing you again.

Thanks Dave & Therase! We enjoyed our stay in Canberra & had a great time at the show! We hope to be back sometime in the future!

Cheers 'From Us To You'

Posted On 2014-07-07
Name Francis Humphreys
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Comment Picture yourself with a band up from Melbourne With 'Beatle' type haircuts in black suits and ties Suddenly someone is singing expertly How good are these 'Rubber soul' guys?? It's so cool the next sets' as good as the first Totally blow in' us away... We danced and we sang as the talent flowed out on and on.... Rubber Soul the band are BRILLIANT Rubber Soul the band are BRILLIANT Rubber Soul the band are BRILLIANT.... Ahhh ahhhh.....

Thank you Francis for your extremely generous praise! It was a privilege to be involved with your event. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful Beatle People in our time. You guys are right up the front! All Our Lovin’ & Goo Goo Ga Joob! 👍

Posted On 2014-06-29
Name John Krause
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Comment My wife and I had a great time recently at Dingley watching our local fab four play. We’re in our mid-50’s and never saw the Beatles live but have always been big fans of the fun-factor and diversity of their music and really enjoyed the show – we’d recommend it to anyone looking for a good night out with a music theme. I really appreciated the effort the band has clearly put in to create a sound faithful to the original Beatles songs – sometimes you could close your eyes and think you were back in the ‘60’s (but without the shrieking schoolgirls!). The two costume styles for the separate halves of the show worked well and the chemistry within the band and the tight way they played all added to the night. With an unmatched catalogue of hits it is impossible for Rubber Soul to play every Beatles song you love but they certainly didn’t disappoint with the set-list they chose. We’d go again, something we’ve never thought previously after watching other tribute shows. To quote Molly, “do yourself a favour …” John Krause

Thanks John for your very gracious review! Glad you & your wife enjoyed the show & thought the 'sound' was faithful! That's our main priority. Dressing in the 'gear' is one thing, but sounding like The Beatles is something else altogether!
We're working on the screaming schoolgirls thing!... If you know any....

All Our Beatles Best!

Posted On 2014-05-25
Name Katerina
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Comment Saw you guys in Dingley and it is something I'll never forget!!! As a 15 year old, I've always been in love with rock 'n roll and all the good old bands but surprisingly never with The Beatles even if I always knew that they totally represent what music is all about. You totally changed that!!! You're the best Beatles tribute band out there! I was so happy to take photos with you, you're absolutely lovely and very down to earth! Never stop doing what you're doing ! Hope to see you again and let's also hope that I'll be a Beatles expert and know all the songs by next time!! :D Also thank you for playing 'Drive My Car', it's a song that reminds me of a very funny friend of mine and I really enjoyed singing and dancing to it :))!!! See you again sometime, cheers xx p.s. I'm happy to know that there is somebody who's Greek in your band. Tommi Antoniou, I salute you! :D

Ah the famous Bongo! Thank you for your awesome message Katerina! That's beautiful! It means a lot to learn the show had such an impact on you.
As long as we have fans like you, we can keep on having the tremendous fun we have, & keep doing what we do!

All Our Lovin'

Posted On 2014-03-22
Name Ann Scully
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Comment Hey guys. Saw you last night at The Dandenong Club. You were fantastic! Best show ever :)

Hey thanks for your kind words Ann! it was a great audience & we enjoyed ourselves very much! We hope to see you at another show sometime!

Best Beatles wishes 'From Us To You'