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Geelong Indie, quotes from the article ..

People often ask the members of Beatle’s tribute act Rubber Soul if they hail from Liverpool.

“We do all the banter,” “We want to take them on a magical mystery tour.”

“We always got told ‘gee you guys sound very Beatlesque’,”

“We’ve got that kind chemistry that you just can’t get from some guys you advertise for in the paper. “It’s gone much further and been much more fun and successful than we ever dreamed.” In 2015 they were on board the Centenary of Anzac Day cruise alongside Daryl Braithwaite, Ross Wilson, Kate Ceberano and John Williamson.

They belt out songs the Beatles rarely sang live, including Penny Lane and I am the Walrus, to the joy of fans who saw the originals. “I think I’ve met every single person who saw them in Festival Hall (in Melbourne in 1964) there’s been that many,”

Warracknabeal Herald, quotes from the article..

It was like listening to a Beatles CD, they were that good

People danced all night from the first song

And the deafening demand for encores at the end was just amazing

Albury Wodonga News Weekly, quotes from the article ..

Cover group Rubber Soul have been invited to the festival each year since its inception in 2009.

“I think the band is still popular because they were such a phenomenon in both music and fashion,” he said. “They set so many trends and their songs sound as fresh as they did in the 60s.

“We’ve known each other for so long that we’ve got that chemistry, just like The Beatles did,” Mr Gillard said.

“We create the sound of The Beatles live, which many bands can’t do … they’re cover bands.

“Even when we were doing original songs and covers, people would tell us that we sounded like The Beatles and it was about refining that for the group.”

Using authentic instruments helps bring the band’s distinctive vibe back to life.

“People expect to see the iconic costumes and the instruments and amplifiers really create that mood. “We promise a very authentic Beatles experience.”

Mr Gillard has listened to the band since he was a child. “I remember watching The Beatles’ cartoons and they were all over the radio at the time,” he said.

Dandenong Star,wn away by the faithful re-creation of the Fab Four

2010 was a meteoric year for Rubber Soul having made their television debut on the highly-rated ABC television hit show 'Spicks and Specks' which resulted in inquiries about them from all over Australia.

They were a major hit at the Adelaide Beatles festivals and in Federation Square in Melbourne for Maccas 'Australia All Over' program broadcast nationally in November 2007. outstanding performance that has patrons on their feet dancing in the aisles. Rubber Soul - Australia's most authentic Beatles tribute..

Dandenong Leader, quotes from the article ..

Rubber Soul, a group that aims to bring The Beatles back to the masses.

"We all love The Beatles"

"There's a lot of energy in the show, no slow songs."

The tribute band formed in early 2001 and took their name from the fab four's sixth studio album Rubber Soul released in 1965.

"We have a lot of banter, we like to take the mickey out of each other, the more fun you have, the more fun other people have."

They've since made appearances on ABC music quiz show Spicks and Specks, have performed in NSW, South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Hong Kong and the recent Albury festival.

With so many hits to choose from there will be something for diehard and casual Beatles fans alike.

"It's just a very upbeat, rockin' show.

Faithfully created and just good fun."

Moorabbin Leader,, quotes from the article ..

A big part of our show is the humour, just like the ad-lib cheeky humour the Beatles had. That can only come from knowing each other a long time.

We're basically Beatles fans playing to Beatles fans

We like to think of ourselves as more than a cover band: we use authentic Beatles instruments such as Rickenbacker and Epiphone guitars, the Hofner Beatle Bass and Vox amplifiers. A gig is a 14-hour day for us, setting up with our sound and lighting

The Guardian, quotes from the article ..

The Melbourne-based band, whose members dress in 1960s costumes and use authentic instruments favoured by the Beatles during their performances, will be rocking the town’s sporting club

.. We engage the audience and really encourage them to join in

.. And having been friends for so long, we are able to put a bit of that humour that the Beatles had in our show.

.. We are very much trying to stay true to the original

.. We hope to bring a bit of Beatle-mania to Tooleybuc

Albury Wodonga NEWS WEEKLY, quotes from the article ..

David Gillard from Rubber Soul said they mostly received positive feedback from fans about the authenticity of their work, something he said the band concentrated heavily on.

"I think people are very knocked out with how authentic it sounds," he said.

"It is very hard to nail the sound and according to the feedback from a lot of people they say it sounds very authentic, that's the whole aim of it for us we're Beatles fans and if I went to see a Beatles group I wouldnt want to go and see someone doing a jazz fusion version of Penny Lane"

"A lot of people have never heard Penny Lane or I Am The Walrus live because the Beatles stopped touring in 1966 so it's a first time revelation hearing these songs live.

All they know is the record, so if you crucify the song they're just going to hate it."

"It's been fantastic we really haven't been knocked at all, yet!"

At The Shearwater Country Club Tasmania 26/3/11

Clifton Springs, quotes from the article ..

the Rubber Soul Beatles Show will rock the Clifton Springs Golf Club on Saturday

.. citing a passion for the Fab Four's music and having fun as their inspiration

We're definitely on a mission to bring Beatlemania to the Geelong area

The News, quotes from the article ..

Beatle-mania is set to explode as Rubber Soul; a Beatles tribute band performs on Saturday, February 26 at the Bairnsdale RSL

"performed both internationally in cities such as Hong Kong, throughout Australia and on the popular TV show Spicks & Specks".

"same original line-up of performers since 2001, when they started making music together, which is said to contribute to their onstage chemistry."

"use authentic Beatle instruments such as Rickenbaker, Epiphone Guitars and the famous Hofner Beatle Bass. Vox amplifiers are also featured, as they were in the original Beatles performances in the 1960s."

"we decided to do it properly and investigate proper arrangements and sounds"

"nail the sound spot-on with their realistic and authentic performance."

Springvale Dandenong Leader, quotes from the article ..

With a range of costumes - including the infamous Sgt Pepper's look - the group aims to recreate the look, sound and energy of the band

They are lifelong fans of The Beatles and it's from that perspective Rubber Soul seeks to bring an authentic Beatles experience to fans.

And with rave reviews, it seems they've managed to do just that.

Geelong Advertiser, quotes from the article ..

The show is divided into two parts;

the first half is a showcase of the Beatles’ older songs, with the band performing in the ubiquitous black suits.

Gillard says the second half is more rock and roll: We come out in these bright Sergeant Pepper suits, which are a hit with the audience."

"The beauty of the Beatles is the variety in music style throughout their music careers," he says. "It’s a great mixture of music and simply a joy to perform."

Geelong News, quotes from the article ..

Critics have praised the band’s costumes and performances, with Beatles fanatic Mark Copolov saying: ‘‘The band’s harmony was exceptional, their instrumentation was spot on and their presentation so professional’’.

Rubber Soul has extensively toured towns all over Australia, even playing seven shows in Hong Kong.

Waverley Leader, quotes from the article ..

.. the group of friends from the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne formed The Beatles group in 2001 after being told they sounded like the rock super group.

"We had played in other outfits before, and people always thought we sounded like The Beatles"

The group dresses up in wigs and costumes and plays all the hits such as She Loves You, Please Please Me, Day Tripper and Hey Jude.

Bordermail Albury , quotes from the article ..

"ALBURY’S first Beatles weekend had music lovers dancing in the street.

people took part in a long lunch in Dean Street on Saturday, with Beatles tribute bands impelling people to their feet.

spectators not involved in the meal gathered in the street.

There were loud clothes, bad haircuts and people with fake English accents.

The night before, The Albion Hotel, Zed Bar and the Commercial Club were packed for performances by tribute bands Beatnix, Rubber Soul and Melbeats

But organisers have hailed the inaugural Hard Day’s Night Beatles Weekend a huge success. "

That's Melbourne website , quotes from the article ..

"Rubber Soul is the Beatles covers band playing at Summer Covers on Friday 12 February"

"We haven’t spied a yellow submarine parked outside one of the band’s shows, but these guys really do go the extra mile to reprise the excitement of those Beatlemania days."

"We don’t just cover the songs. We try and bring the same sounds, atmosphere and excitement to our live shows. What you hear on the records is what we aim to achieve on stage."

Journal Berwick, quotes from the article ..

"Rubber Soul is hoping to recreate its own form of "Beatlemania" with its performance of The Beatles Show."

"we always had people saying we sounded like the Beatles"

"we use authentic Beatles instruments... and dress in the costumes."

"We really want to take people on a trip down memory lane."

"we play the hits everyone knows"

Ballarat Courier, quotes from the article ..

"The John Lennon - Imagine! exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ballarat "

"Visitors in the gallery can also step outside to hear some of the music that the late musician helped create."

"Beatles tribute band Rubbersoul entertained a big crowd at Alfred Deakin Place. "

"About 200 people, including many from Melbourne and interstate, gathered in bright sunshine to take in the muusic."

Herald Sun Soundbites, quotes from the article ..

"a group of mop-topped disciples who just won't let it be"

"they faithfully re-create both the look and sound"

"unless Paul and Ringo decide to put together a drum and bass outfit, this is as close as your gonna get"

quotes from the article ..

"the band's aim was to play songs that kept the audience on the dance floor"

"Rubber Soul is the next best thing for fans who never had a chance to hear the Beatles live"

"the band was dedicated to recreating the originals"

"The crowds are really phenomenal because we sound original"

"We enjoy recreating it and providing a really good live experience for our audience"

"just like the original Beatles"

quotes from the article ..

"I've been listening to Beatles songs since I was a kid and in the last two years I've discovered a lot of things I never knew were there in the harmonies and the chords"

"the music was often new to audience members as young people discovered it for the first time"

"One thing about the Beatles, there's always another generation coming through"