Here's what they are saying!

Ed Story, 97.9FM - Host of the weekly "Off The Beatle Track"
"I thought they sounded really Fab and kept to the original Beatles sound and recreated the look. It was a wonderful experience to see them and it brought back all the Beatle memories!"

Mark Copolov, 88.3 Southern FM (Unofficial Beatles historian)
"I was sceptical about how Rubber Soul would go. It took only a few minutes of their performance for the scepticism to dissipate. The band's harmony was exceptional; their instrumentation was spot on and their presentation so professional - especially the Sgt Pepper outfits! David and Pete's lead vocals complimented each other very well. This is obviously a well rehearsed band of experienced musicians"

Phil Wall - Fan who witnessed the Beatles playing 'live'
"I had to write to say how much I enjoyed the show that I saw recently. There are a number of Beatle tibute bands around and having seen a couple of them I can say that to me the thing that stands Rubber Soul aside from the others is that you have the sound, the look and the fun that the original Beatles had. I was lucky enough to see the Beatles live twice in the UK when I was growing up and the fun and irreverence that they had on stage was a huge part of their appeal, It is one thing to look and sound like the real thing, but to have the ability to reincarnate the soul and the essence of the Beatles is what to me makes Rubber Soul the only Beatles tribute that really has it all."

Val Goodwin - Fan who witnessed the Beatles playing 'live'
"I saw The Beatles 'live', first in England in 1962 and in Melbourne Australia in 1964, and have listened to their music for many years, so it was a real thrill to see the "Rubber Soul' show recently. I closed my eyes and it was just like being back in the 60's again as they sounded so much like the real thing!"

Judy Stiff - Beatles Fan for 50 years At The Albury Beatles Festival 2011.

"You just stop in your tracks when you hear them, half the time you can't even tell the difference between them and the real Beatles.

It's amazing how many people know The Beatles songs.

Last night was awesome, it was a great atmosphere and the band was brilliant."